The notified body ERC guarantees an independet, impartial and reliable performance of

  • Conformity assessments
  • Assessment of quality assurance systems and
  • product certification - for example the certification of entities in charge of maintenance (ECM)

This includes the following technical specifications for interoperability (TSI):

  • Rolling stock - locomotives and passenger rolling stock (Regulation (EU) No 1302/2014),
  • Rolling stock - freight wagons (Regulation (EU) No 321/2013),
  • Rolling stock - noise (Regulation (EU) No 1302/2014),
  • Safety in railway tunnels (Regulation (EU) 1303/2014) and
  • Accessibility of the Union's rail system for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility (Regulation (EU) No 1300/2014).

ERC takes one of the leading positions among the evaluation of entities in charge of maintenance for freight wagons (Regulation (EU) No 445/2011).

Thanks to our many years' experience in the homologation-procedurs of railway vehicles we know that a close collabaration with an engineering company is vital from the early development stage to the ultimate fine tuning.

Please contact us - ERC will support you from the very first beginning and will assist you during the project.

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